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Bessie Coleman Paper Doll

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Bessie Coleman (1892-1926) overcame obstacles to become the first U.S. female pilot of African and Native American descent as well as the first aviator of that heritage to hold an international pilot's license in the U.S. She accomplished both goals by teaching herself French and moving to France to take lessons and receive a pilot's license because she was not permitted to do so in the U.S.
This Bessie Coleman paper doll set comes with two paper dolls with different hair-styles. The uncut paper dolls are hand-drawn and stand approximately 8.5" tall. The set comes with seven outfits, two of which are based on clothes she wore in her photographs, an attached stand, and an envelope to store the dolls and clothes. The dolls and clothes are bound in a 16 page book and printed on white card stock. The paper doll book also includes her brief biography.
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