What is a Black Business Box?

Each month we release a new Black Business Box that contains products from multiple Black-owned businesses nationwide.

We strive to find top products that can serve as an alternative to your everyday brands and, in-turn, create new household names.

We screen all of our vendors carefully and only feature products that meet our strict quality standards.

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Why Support Black business?


There were over 1 million Black-owned businesses in America at the start of February... by mid-April over 400,000 of these businesses had closed for good. We must support these businesses that are surviving, and create an ecosystem that nurtures newly formed Black-owned businesses.


We believe supporting Black-owned businesses is a key piece to making positive change in our communities. When you spend your money with these businesses, you are empowering those who stand for improving our communities, rather than companies who may not have our best interest at heart.

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As Black-owned businesses receive support and grow, new opportunities will arise within these companies and the community at-large. This expansion will create jobs and open doors for more entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.